MOAA Federal Resume Services

MOAA Federal Resume Services
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Considering a job within the federal government? Life Members of MOAA have the added benefit of receiving a personalized federal résumé review via phone or video tele-conferencing.


The federal résumé can be complex and cumbersome, which is why MOAA has partnered with a private consultant who specializes in federal résumé reviews. During a one-on-one consultation, Life Members will be informed about various aspects of the federal résumé and hiring process in general.


Support includes customized feedback for your USAJOBS résumé and associated documents, an explanation of veteran’s preference in federal hiring, negotiating strategies for federal employment, as well as answers to specific questions regarding the public sector career track.   




If you are interested in taking advantage of this Life Members-only program, please email requesting the MOAA Federal Résumé Services. Please include your MOAA membership number, daytime phone number, most current version of your private sector résumé, and a copy of the federal résumé you would like reviewed.


To learn more about Life Member benefits and determine if you would like to enroll, please visit this link. We look forward to serving you!


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