Council and Chapter Awards



Congratulations to our 2023 award winners! Check below for the full lists of honorees.


Does your council or chapter stand apart from the rest? Do you want to recognize a member of your chapter or community for their hard work? Has your council or chapter been recognized by MOAA National, and you want to share the news with your membership? Check below to learn more. 

Annual MOAA Awards

MOAA National offers four major annual awards to its councils and chapters and their members. Applications and deadline information are available on this page. Click the links below to find out how to apply, how the award process works, and much more.




Levels of Excellence Awards

What: LOE awards are MOAA's most prestigious affiliate awards, honoring councils and chapters for their efforts across the full scope of our association's mission. 


When: This year's nominations are closed.


How: Councils and chapters must self-nominate. Download the award submission criteria and instructional guide (PDF) for scoring details, submission information, and tips for success.


Winners: (Note: Awards grouped by calendar year)


Award-Winner Logos: Download for your winning affiliate's newsletter or website.


Social Media Tiles (Updated May 20, 2024, for 2023 awards): Share your honor with your friends and followers:


Streamer: A blank MOAA streamer is provided to winning councils and chapters on request (Click here for a sample). 



Col. Marvin J. Harris Communications Awards 

What: MOAA's annual program identifying councils and chapters that do an outstanding job communicating with their members. The award honors Col. Marvin J. Harris, USAF (Ret), MOAA's director of public relations from 1996 until 2011. Colonel Harris delivered effective communications to both military and civilian audiences. 


When: This year's nominations are closed.


How: Councils and chapters must self-nominate. Download the 2023 submission criteria and instructional guide (PDF) for details.  


Winners: Click the links below for the full list.


Award-Winner Logos: Download for your winning affiliate's newsletter or website. 


Col. Steve Strobridge Legislative Chair/Liaison Award

Strobridge-Award-small.jpgWhat: This annual award recognizes an affiliate Legislative Chair or Liaison who has demonstrated superior service to their council/chapter and national MOAA in support of national and/or state legislation which affects servicemembers, veterans, retirees, and their families.


When: This year's nominations are closed. 




Surviving Spouse Liaison Excellence Award

ssle-trophy-small.jpgWhat: Surviving Spouse Liaisons work at the council and chapter level to ensure fellow survivors remain connected to the military family and participate in local and national programs and advocacy efforts. This award honors their efforts. Learn more about this position here. 


When: This year's nominations are closed. 




Individual Recognition MOAA Awards

What: MOAA offers several ways to recognize leaders and members of our councils and chapters through our national office: 
  • Leadership Award: First award provided to a council/chapter (recipient) leader. View watermarked sample*
  • Outstanding Service Award: For a chapter member (not necessarily in a chapter leadership position) to recognize outstanding service in completing a special project or otherwise contributing to the chapter or MOAA, perhaps to encourage them to seek a future leadership role. View watermarked sample*
  • President's Award: Provided when recipient has previously received the Leadership Award. View watermarked sample*
  • Chairman's Award: Anyone who wishes to nominate a council or chapter leader for this award should contact our Council and Chapter Affairs Department to receive the special instructions. Please contact for more information. View watermarked sample*
  • 100th Birthday Certificate: Award provided to a MOAA member who has turned or soon will turn 100 years old


*Note: These watermarked samples may not be used as awards exclusive of National MOAA endorsement. Please submit a nomination using the information and application on this page.


When: Nominations may be submitted at any time, but they must be submitted at least 45 days before the presentation date.


How: Access the nomination form and submission criteria at this link.


Other MOAA Recognition

National MOAA has specially printed certificates available for various types of recognition of individuals. These certificates for chapter preparation and presentation include an affiliate "Certificate of Appreciation" for outstanding service, as well as a series of templates that can be tailored for various programs and awardees. Click here to see watermarked samples of these documents and learn how to order them. 


Present and past council and chapter president pins are available to recognize outgoing and incoming presidents. All new presidents will receive a "new presidents pin" as soon as the update is made on the council or chapter Committee Module (CM). Click here for ordering information.