Committee Module Resources

Committee Module 2.0 Instructional Guide & Training Webinar

At least two council and chapter leaders have the ability to review, make changes, and add and remove members/officer positions to their official roster using a tool called the Committee Module (CM). The CM is a database tool that provides real time changes made by the CM administrator. Please review our step-by-step training webinar, recorded by Daniel Slattery, Development Operations Associate, who provides specialized training for officers who are new to the CM and its capabilities. This webinar also touches on the new support tool which allows CM administrators to pull a potential member report, refreshed every month, called the Near Real Time (NRT) report. As a reminder, all CM administrators must log in to use the CM database tool.


Accessing Near Real Time (NRT) Reports

Committee Module Administrators will have access to the most current monthly recruitment list and no contact report. 


Committee Module Login 

Council and Chapter Presidents currently have access to update their membership rosters using the Committee Module (CM). To access the CM, you must log in first.