2021 Member Books

January 2021 


Battle Tested!: Gettysburg Leadership Lessons for 21st Century Leaders. By Jeffrey D. McCausland (COL USA RET) and Tom Vossler. Post Hill Press. ISBN: 978-1642934533

Never Mind, We'll Do It Ourselves: The Inside Story of How a Team of Renegades Broke Rules, Shattered Barriers, and Launched a Drone Warfare Revolution. By Mark Cooter (COL USAF RET) and Alec Bierbauer with Michael Marks. Skyhorse. ISBN: 978-1510720916


The Short Man of Nuremberg. By M. Gilbert Steiner, CHC (CAPT USN RET) ArchwayPublishing. ISBN: 1480832731


Wesselhoeft: Traded to the Enemy 1st Edition. By Adolf "Wes" Wesselhoeft (Lt Col USAF RET) and Shirley Anderson Wesselhoeft. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. ISBN: 978-1725055919

A Life Long Journey to War and Home. By Edward O. Cyr (COL USA RET). Covenant Books. ISBN: 978-1644686317

Patriot, Prisoner, Survivor: An American Family at War. By Henry James Bedinger (CDR USN RET) Montezuma Publishing. ISBN:ISBN 978-0-7742-7785-2

Born Lucky. A Slightly Above Average Soldier's Life. By Bruce T. "Woody" Caine, Ph.D. (LTC USA RET) Self published. ISBN: 978-1649905147


February 2021 


Your Leadership Legacy: Becoming the Leader You Were Meant to Be. By Oakland McCulloch (LTC USA RET). Skrive Publications. ISBN: 978-1952037108


Moral Imperative: 1972, Combat Rescue, and the End of America's War in Vietnam. By Darrel D. Whitcomb (Col USAF RET) University Press of Kansas. ISBN: 978-0700630066



Silent Night: 26 Years in the Navy: A Nurse's Memoir. By Ann Darby Reynolds (CAPT USN RET). Independently published. ISBN: 979-8582021551.

April 2021


An Introduction and Practical Guide to Interviews and Interrogations. By Carl H Jeanty (CW3 USA RET). Independently Published. ISBN: 978-1719916042

CHALLENGES: Leadership in Two Wars, Washington DC, and Industry. By Harry W. Jenkins (MG USMC RET). Fortis. ISBN:9781937592912

Breaking Ice and Breaking Glass: Leading in Uncharted Waters. By Sandra Stosz (VADM USCG RET) KoehlerBooks. ISBN: 978-1-64663-523-8

A Veteran's Guide to Transition: Active Duty to Government Service. By Thomas Braden (CAPT USN) Independently published. ASIN: B08ZVZKBXG


Chariots in the Sky: A Story About U.S. Assault Helicopter Pilots at War in Vietnam. By Larry A Freeland (CPT USA FRM) Publish Authority. ISBN: 978-1954000056


May 2021  


Angels in Combat Boots. By Chuck Hunsucker (LTC USA RET). Xlibris US. ISBN: ‎978-1664146273



Here They Come. By Scott A. Porter (LTC USA RET). Koehler Books. ISBN:978-1-64663-187-2

Fire and Ice.  By George Galdorisi (CAPT USN RET). Braveship Books. ISBN: 978-1-64062-123-7



Tai Mo Shan: Mountain in the Clouds.  By Paul Nemeth (MAJ USAF RET). Page Publishing, Inc. ISBN: 978-1662412745 

June 2021


Lieutenant General Sir Frederick Morgan, KCB The Planner Who Saved Europe.  By John D. Gazzelli (LTC USA RET). Palmetto Publishing. ISBN: 978-1-63837-411-4

More Trials and Travels with Old Drunks and Fools.  By David E. Smith (LTC USAF RET). Independently Published. ISBN: 9798746427199


Taking the Dream Spinner (The Matt "Ace" Black Series).  By Thomas Belisle (COL USAF RET). Luminare Press. ISBN: 978-1-64388-677-0

Ahab: A Hockey Story. By Brad Huestis (LTC USA RET). Independently published. ISBN: 9798740229669


Doctor in Blue.  By Martin I Victor (COL USAF RET). Handpicked Publishing. ISBN: 978-1-943936-36-6

Unconventional Chaplain: Winning Hearts and Minds in Afghanistan 2002-2003.  By Reverend Andy Meverden (COL ARNG RET). A15 Publishing. ISBN: 978-1-64471-137-8

Letters to the Family: A WWII Pacific Adventure. By R. David Carnes (CAPT USA FMR).  Covenant Books. ISBN: 978-1-970155-10-5

July 2021


The Cold War Wilderness of Mirrors: Counterintelligence and the U.S. and Soviet Military Liaison Missions 1947–1990. By Aden Magee (LTC USA RET). Casemate. ISBN: 978-1612009933

Serious Pressure: Standing Between Life and Death for Stratospheric Flyers.  By Andrew Woodrow (LTC USAF RET). Booklocker.com. ISBN: 978-1647196158


Lifetime Benefits. By Don John Kappel (MAJ USMC RET). Donald Kappel. ISBN: 978-0578646053


A Soldier’s Journey Living His “Why”. By Lawson W. Magruder III (LTG USA RET). Independently published. ISBN:   979-8675649266

Checklist Complete, Stories from my Life in Aviation.  By Gary T. Carter (CAPT USN RET). Booklocker.com. ISBN: 978-1647194222

Threats & Challenges: Fresh Strategy for a Conflicted America. By Edward Corcoran (LTC USA RET). iUniverse. ISBN: 978-1663214805 

August 2021


Words from the Heart: When America's Veterans Speak.  By Patricia Tyson Redmond and Sally Thompson Prouty. Outskirts Press. ISBN: 978-1977232885

Peleliu Progress.  By H. John Poole (LTC USMC RET). Posterity Press. ISBN: 978-1735453019


September 2021


Finding My Pole Star: Memoir of an American Hero's Life of Faithful Military Service. By Major General James L. Dozier (USA RET). Front Edge Publishing, LLC. ISBN: 978-1641801133

The Day I Lost President Ford:Memoir of a Born-and Bred Carolina Tar Heelby. By Wilbur D. Jones Jr. (CAPT USN RET). DRAM Tree Books. ISBN: 978-0-98449-002-8

THE WORLD’S LUCKIEST S#!* MAGNET. By Geoffrey Engels (CAPT USAF RET). Self published. ISBN : 978-1-65711-454-8

October 2021


Looking Beyond the Obvious in Therapy. By John C. Britcher (LTC USA RET). BookBaby. IBSN: 978-1-09838-676-8

Better Government Through Better Hiring. By Kenneth Slutzky. BookLogix. ISBN: 9781665302821

Skibirds: Adventures of the Raven Gang. By Joseph P. Hathaway (LTC ANG RET). Southwestern Legacy Press, LLC. ISBN:978-1-7366245-0-0

In the Service of Our Country: The History of the United States Service Flag. By Jerry E. Dutscheck. Elm Grove Publishing. ISBN: 978-1943492787

Becoming a New Wave Leader Principles and Practices to Live and Lead Well. By James Klopovic (MAJ USAF RET). Affinitas Publishing. ISBN: 978-0-9982372-5-1

1764―The First Year of the American Revolution. By Ken Shumate (MAJ USMC RET). Westholme Publishing. ISBN-10: 978-1594163593

The Sailor's Bookshelf: Fifty Books to Know the Sea. By James G. Stavridis (ADM USN RET) and R. Manning Ancell. Naval Institute Press. ISBN: 978-1682476987

Report Card - Obama-Biden Administration 2009-2017 - 600 Promises, 297 Kept/300 Broken. By Michael F. McGrane (LCDR USN RET). iUniverse. ISBN: 978-1663229021

The House of Abuse: Understanding Violence in the Home. By Robert P. Chappell, Jr. (LTC USA RET). McGrane Publishing. ISBN : 978-0578994192

Rock Painting Therapy: A Soldier's Journey to Improved Mental Health. By Robert P. Chappell (LTC USA RET). Gatekeeper Press. ISBN: 978-1-6629-0928-3

Accomplishing the Impossible- Leadership That Launched Revolutionary Change. By William E. Rapp (MG USA RET). Knox Press. ISBN: 978-1-64293-874-6


Innocent Victim. By Brian D. Cornett (MAJ USAF RET). BookBaby. ISBN: 978-1-09836-027-6

The Dollfuss Directive. By Augustine Campana (LTC USAF RET) with Marco Di Tillo. Skyway Press, LLC. ISBN: 13:978-1-7360446-0-5

The Other Eisenhower. By Augustine Campana (LTC USAF RET) with Marco Di Tillo. Publisher: Webster House, LLC. ISBN: 13:978-1-932635-35-5


Shepherds of God in Wolves’ Clothing: Random Reflections of a former Army Chaplain. By Murray Joseph Thompson (CPT USA FMR). Christian Faith Publishing, Inc. ISBN: 978-1-0980-9416-4

My Life's Journey. By David L. Hosley (COL USAF RET). Publisher Xulon Press. ISBN-13:978-1-6628-1146-3

November 2021


The American Marshmallow Farmer, Asking What is Water. By Stephen Davis (MAJ USN RET). BookBaby. ISBN- 978-1-09837-299-6

The Big Picture: The Cold War on the Small Screen. By John W. Lemza (LTC USA RET). University Press of Kansas. ISBN: 9780700632534

To Win Hearts and Minds: Vietnam to Iraq. By Terry J. Mitchell (COL USAR RET). Terry John Mitchell. ISBN: 978-0-692-14841-9

Intended Consequences: (a Novel) or is it? By Charles D. George (COL USAF RET). Liberty Hill Publishing. ISBN 978-1662830006

Bon Campbell: Twice a General. Richard Hartness (CPT USAR FMR). Writers Branding LLC. ISBN: 978-1-63945-209-5

Student Handbook for Success. Albert A. Melvin (CAPT USNR RET). Planeta books. ISBN: ‎ 978-0979856631

Orders from the General: Leadership Advice from a Two-Star General. By H. Brent Baker (MG USAF RET). Xlibris US. ISBN: 978-1-6641-9274-4


It's An Adventure. By Kenneth C. Lynch (LT USN RET). CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. ISBN: 978-1519331304

It's Not Just A Job. By Kenneth C. Lynch (LT USN RET). CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform ISBN: 978-1505429688

Finding My Pole Star: Memoir of an American Hero's Life of Faithful Military Service. By James L Dozier (MG USA RET). Front Edge Publishing, LLC. ISBN: 978-1641801126

Beyond My Wildest Expectation. By Robert Flaherty (LTC USAR RET). Independently published. ISBN: 9781686623097