How to Access the MOAA UPS Discount

How to Access the MOAA UPS Discount
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(Already familiar with the benefit? Log into MOAA's Perks Marketplace on this page and start saving! Not a PREMIUM or LIFE member? Log in to for upgrade options.)


If you are looking for a way to connect with friends and family from a distance, look no further than UPS – and the discounted shipping rates available to MOAA PREMIUM and LIFE members.


The discount, one of several exclusive member deals, is available through MOAA’s Perks Marketplace.


"We had no difficulty linking our existing UPS account with the MOAA discount,” said Rear Adm. Clare Helminiak, USPHS (Ret), a former MOAA Board Member. “We were able to ship eight boxes from Texas to Nebraska for just over $100 with the MOAA discount. The cost at the U.S. Postal Service would have been three times that, given that some of the boxes were large. We will definitely use the MOAA discount with UPS frequently."


Perks Marketplace acts as a separate site and purchase point, offering deals for rental cars, theme parks, hotels, movie theaters, and more. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the benefit, and instructions on how to access it:

Q. What is the UPS shipping benefit for MOAA members?


A. The UPS benefit will allow MOAA PREMIUM and LIFE Members to receive a flat 50% off express shipping and a flat 30% off for ground shipping. These are just two examples of nearly a dozen UPS discounts.


Q. How do I access the benefit?


A. MOAA members will have to first sign into the MOAA website, then create a log in to Perks Marketplace (get details here), click the UPS logo, then create an account on the UPS website.


Q. Once I’m on the UPS website, what do I do?


A. Once set up, members may use the “Quick Start” menu to begin taking action to ship a package. In order to learn how to navigate to the site, please take a moment to watch our step-by-step video on the process.


Q. How may I link the deal with my own UPS account for future use? Will I have to set up a UPS account? 


A. If you would like to link the MOAA deal to your UPS profile, you must also create a UPS account. You will then receive a unique account number that will link you to the MOAA discount online.  This is free and only takes a few minutes. 


Q. What information or materials will I need?


A. You’ll need to know the weight or cubic inches of the package. You’ll also need a printer set up to print a label, or materials to affix a printout to your package.


Q. Can I use the benefit at my local UPS Store?


A. The discount is an online-only discount. But you can drop the packages off at a UPS Store after you’ve printed out the label. Members may also request a pickup. 


Q. I have additional questions.


A. Members can contact UPS directly at 1-800-MEMBERS for assistance with the benefit. Please mention that you are accessing this deal through a MOAA membership.

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