Let MOAA's Job Board Jump Start Your Next Career Move

Let MOAA's Job Board Jump Start Your Next Career Move
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Thanks to a partnership with Indeed, MOAA’s Job Board now offers all members of the military community a streamlined portal to connect with veteran-ready employers.   



The search works the same way as it does on Indeed’s website, but when accessing the tool from MOAA, job seekers will have targeted access to employers specifically looking to hire veterans.

Andrew Dennis, Senior Strategist of Military & Veterans Programs at Indeed, offered some tips to Job Board users to make the most out of the new tool.  


Search, Refine, Repeat 

When first embarking on the search for a second career, options can be daunting. Whether you know where you are headed or you’re simply checking out your options, the search tool has features to help. With multiple search options and fields, the opportunities are endless. 

“Have a general idea of what you might want to do, then search, refine, repeat, Dennis said. “Before you start doing your résumé and applying, just see what’s out there. Get a pulse for what the market is presenting as. What jobs come up the most? What locations come up the most? Start refining those positions to get a better idea.”  

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De-Militarize Your Résumé 

While you may be an expert in your field, make sure you can demonstrate your skills by using terminology recruiters look for. This is an obstacle that many servicemembers face as they look to transition into a civilian career, Dennis explained.  

“You want to make sure the master résumé you are adding to has enough keywords that reflect to what jobs you want to do next, because 9 out of 10 times the recruiter is going to be a civilian and they’re not going to understand all your military terms. 

Indeed can help veteran job seekers, as well as military spouses, get their résumé just right at veterans.indeed.com.


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Keywords Are Key 

Keywords are paramount to getting your talent recognized by civilian recruiters. At first it may seem like a new language, but there is an easy way to get started.   

“Start using a general search term for industry and see what populates,” Dennis said. “Start seeing what jobs populate and as you click into those jobs to understand what the requirements are and what the keywords are that the employer is using because they want that job to stand out.” 

The next step, Dennis said, is to ensure those civilian keywords show up in your résumé.  

Advice for Military Spouses 

In the midst of the pandemic, many employers are expanding their acceptance, or encouragement, of remote work. In the past few months, nearly 400,000 remote jobs have been added to Indeed. This is a huge benefit to military spouses, many of whom seek portable careers or the flexibility of working from home during a deployment or while coordinating child care and virtual-school needs.  

Military spouses should take advantage of an increasingly digital world, Dennis said, adding “now is a better time than ever to search the keywords remote and work from home.”   

Prepare for Your Next Step 

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