You Ask, MOAA Answers: Using

You Ask, MOAA Answers: Using

From financial calculators to member-exclusive publications and much more, offers MOAA members (and those just visiting) a range of resources. But if you're not tech-savvy, you might hit some stumbling blocks.


With help from MOAA's Member Service Center (MSC), we've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about our website, along with answers. Watch the video for a breakdown, or scroll below for details (and links).



Q. How do I log on to to access my exclusive member benefits?


A. Parts of are available only to our members – and some are available only to Premium and Life members. If you try to access one of these areas, you’ll be prompted to provide your username and password.


Options for first-time users or for forgotten passwords are available on the login page. There’s also a link for non-members to join, and for members to reach out with technical issues. 


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Q. What can I use the MOAA website for?


A. The MOAA website is your one stop shop for everything that MOAA has to offer, from catching up on the latest news to accessing exclusive member deals. At, you can find your local chapter, contact your congressmen, and even read the monthly Military Officer Magazine.


(And speaking of a one-stop shop, head to for great deals on MOAA gear.)


Q. Does the chat function at connect me to a real person?


A. Yes! If you use the chat, you will be connected to a live MOAA Member Service Representative. When available, chats occur in real time. If you are on the website when the chat function is not available – outside our regular hours, or during system maintenance, for example – you can use the chat box to send an email.


Don’t need that box? Minimize it using the button on the upper right hand corner.  


Q. I’m having trouble navigating the webpage. What can I do?


A. Our website works best on Google Chrome, so if you’re not using that browser, see if doing so helps with any issues. Check your settings to make sure you’re not zoomed in too far, as this might cut off parts of the page.


Did you land on a “404 Error” page? Click on the link to tell us about it – include the broken link and any details on what information you’re after, and our web team will try to restore what’s missing, or point you toward fresher content.


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Q. I’m still not seeing what I’m searching for. Can you help?


A. Absolutely! If you have additional questions about MOAA’s website or online resources, you may contact our Member Service Center at (800) 234-6622 or by emailing


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Amber Monks

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