Meet MOAA’s New Legislative Action Center

Meet MOAA’s New Legislative Action Center
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By MOAA Staff


If you frequently engage with your lawmakers on issues key to MOAA’s mission, first please accept the sincere appreciation from everyone here at MOAA – your efforts are critical to our success protecting and expanding the earned pay and benefits for the uniformed services and veteran communities.


Second, you may notice some changes at our Legislative Action Center and on individual “Take Action” messages. Our new system is designed to make it even easier to reach out to your lawmakers on these issues, as well as track what MOAA is engaging on in the halls of Congress.


Here are some answers to some of the questions you may have about the new setup:


Q. Why do I have to re-enter my information?

A. The changeover to the new system will require all users to enter in their details, but they will be able to create an account with those details the first time they visit the site. First-time users can sign in at this link; you’ll need to provide your information again if you sign in from another browser or device.

Q. Why do you need my cellphone number?

A. The new Legislative Action Center allows MOAA to provide members with up-to-date information on issues of interest, as well as inform them of new or urgent legislative action items via text message. It’s just one more way of mobilizing our members. Signing up using your phone number is optional, and you can opt out of these messages at any time.

Q. The system asked me to “enter a more specific address.” Why won’t it accept my address?

A. The Legislative Action Center allows you to contact your legislators on issues of critical importance. It requires your full address to match you with the right lawmakers. A drop-down list of suggested addresses should appear as you enter your information; choose the closest option from that list to ensure your letters and actions are being directed to the right individuals. Still having trouble? Email for assistance.

Q. I want to update my information, or check to make sure I’ve entered all the details properly. How do I do that?

A. Once you’ve signed into the Legislative Action Center, a greeting should appear in the top right corner of the homepage. Hover over the greeting or click on the arrow next to it and select the “Update Information” option to check all your details.

Q. I am not a member of MOAA. Can I still sign up and “Take Action” on bills?

A. Yes, anyone can sign up and use MOAA’s Legislative Action Center. MOAA advocates for the entire uniformed services and veteran communities. You can read more about MOAA’s key advocacy issues at this link.




Q. What happened to the old “Take Action” items?

A. We’ve imported the old items into the new system – all of MOAA’s ongoing legislative engagement efforts made the move. However, some of our engagements have expired as part of the regular legislative session, or for other reasons. Look for an expanded list of engagement opportunities as more bills are proposed in the coming year. Clicking on any of the old links should take you to the new Legislative Action Center website, where you’ll be able to find an updated way to engage your lawmakers.

Q. I liked the old platform. Why did MOAA change platforms?

A. The new system not only offers an easier-to-navigate, user-friendly setup for our members and supporters, it also offers MOAA staff members multiple ways to track these advocacy actions, and to log interactions with staffers, representatives, and others. The change will mean an overall improvement in MOAA’s ability to represent the needs of its members on Capitol Hill.

Q. I had an interaction with my representative on a topic of interest for MOAA. Can I let you know about it?

A. Yes! Click the “Log an Interaction” button at the Legislative Action Center and follow the prompts – these meetings not only show lawmakers how engaged MOAA’s members are on key issues, they can be taken together as a show of strength for the organization on a national level.

Q. How do I find what bills MOAA supports in the current session of Congress?

Click the “MOAA-Supported Legislation” button on the homepage of the Legislative Action Center to see what bills MOAA has publicly supported for the current session of Congress. The organization's endorsement process is deliberative; MOAA will not support or oppose any legislation without a thorough review of its potential effects, positive or negative.

Q. I have more questions about the Legislative Action Center.

A. MOAA’s Member Service Center can field all manner of technical questions about the website; visit for full details on the best way to get in touch. Have a question about the bills themselves, or about MOAA’s advocacy work? Email


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