MOAA's Virtual Career and Transition Toolkit



The novel coronavirus pandemic has touched nearly every aspect of global society, including careers, job searches, and financial plans.


Whether you are finding your way through a challenging telework experience, worrying about your job security in these uncertain times, on the hunt for new employment in the age of virtual interviews, assessing potential reductions in your military benefits, or seeking guidance for your approach to investing, MOAA is here to help.


Below, you’ll find links to upcoming webinars that are free and complimentary to all members of the military and veteran community – officer and enlisted, Guard and Reserve, as well as military spouses. MOAA’s transition experts, and our partners, will offer guidance you can use as you navigate this uncharted portion of your career path, regardless of what part of that path you’re on.


We’ll also include links to videos of these webinars after they happen, which will be available to registered participants who can’t attend the live event, as well as MOAA Premium and Life members.

Virtual Toolkit Webinar Archives


MOAA Premium and Life members can access a suite of career and transition resources online and by reaching out to our staff of experts. Learn more about those resources at MOAA's Transition and Career page, and learn about joining MOAA here.


They also can access the webinar archives listed below.

More Virtual Toolkit Resources