MOAA’s 2022-23 TRICARE Guide

MOAA’s 2022-23 TRICARE Guide
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The path to health care and medical solutions may seem like a maze, even for those with experience making their way through the options. Year after year, the landscape changes. TRICARE is updated, costs may shift, and you and your family may see life transitions.


This edition of MOAA’s TRICARE Guide is here to help you find which way to turn when you hit bends in the path. Find the latest information on transitioning to new phases of life with your TRICARE benefit, getting the most out of services offered, and adapting your plan as you age and deal with Medicare.


We also look at new rules for telehealth, how to save money on medications, what you need to know for travel, guidelines for surviving spouses, and more signposts along your way.


Below, find details on all manner of TRICARE topics. Have a question we didn't cover? Reach out to our Member Support Center at or (800) 234-6622.


medical-bills-review-tw.jpgTransition: What Happens When I Retire?

Answers to all your questions about your health care during the move from military service to civilian life. 






old-young-man-stock-h.jpgMedicare and TRICARE For Life

What you need to know about shifting gears at 65+. 





guard-reserve-ammo-tw.pngGuard and Reserve: Options for Care Plans

Get the basics on these coverage choices for servicemembers, retirees, and their families.




tricare-guide-2022-fedvip-tw.pngTRICARE and FEDVIP Open Season: Which Plan Is Best?

Learn how to compare coverage and prices, and answer a series of questions to help you find the right plan for you. 






medicare-part-c-advantage-tw.jpgCoverage Questions: Do You Need a Medicare Advantage Plan?

Do your research before making this major decision about your health care coverage. 




pills-pharmacy-stock-tw.jpgTRICARE Pharmacy Benefits 

Here's what you should know about this part of your health benefit, including some cost-saving tips.






mental-health-hallway-tw.jpgMental Health Care: MOAA Works to Rein in TRICARE Costs

‘[Our children] need therapy to deal with living with the effects of war. We had to cut our son’s therapy in half because TRICARE doubled our copay.’. 






telehealth-tw.pngTRICARE and Telehealth: The Rules Are Changing

TRICARE has made permanent coverage for audio-only phone visits.





graduation-celebration-stock-tw.jpgUnderstanding TRICARE Coverage for Your Young Adult Dependent

These plans come with limitations. It's important to know what options are available.







tricare-toolkit-airplane-tw.pngTraveling With TRICARE 

All TRICARE programs vary slightly, but you can review some basics to ensure you have health coverage for your trip.







Navigating TRICARE Programs for Family Members   

What plan is right for an exceptional child? What specialty services are available?







tricare-guide-2022-contractors-tw.jpgTRICARE Contractors: 2023 May See Change

The contracts are especially critical as the Defense Health Agency pursues efforts to treat more beneficiaries in the civilian sector.






folded-flag-tw.pngBenefits for Surviving Spouses: Your Questions, Answered

From TRICARE to the Survivor Benefit Plan to VA programs, learn what survivorship and remarriage could mean for you.