General Information 

To get more specific information regarding your personal account, such as your remaining balance, repayment amount, to update your address with us, please call (800) 234-6622, or e-mail At this time MOAA can not accept payments online.

Electronic Invoices 

If you would like to receive your monthly invoice via email, please email us at Please include your Name, your MOAA student number and the email address you would like to receive your monthly invoice.

Debit Card Payments

You can make a debit card payment over the phone by calling our Member Service Center at (800) 234-6622.

Payment Option Form 

To change the bank account or debit card number MOAA debits from each month, download and complete the Payment Option Form. (To download the form, you must either have or install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.) MOAA must receive the deduction form by the 5th of the month to be effective for that month.

Mail the completed form to:

MOAA Educational Assistance Program
201 North Washington St.
Alexandria, VA 22314

Payment Address 

If you've lost your monthly invoice, want to make an additional payment, or want to start making payments before you're scheduled to begin, please send your payment to:

MOAA Scholarship Fund EAP
PO Box 1854
Merrifield, VA 22116-8054

Include your MOAA student number on your check!!

Deferment Requests 

MOAA does offer some deferments. Most deferments are good for one year increments depending on the circumstances, and a new form must be completed annually. Listed below are the types of deferments we offer and the corresponding deferment form that must be completed and returned to us.

If you are a full time student, you may complete the School Deferment Form.

If you have a full time Fellowship or Internship and make less than $20,000, you may complete the School Deferment Form.

We also offer a Medical Deferment, Military Deferment, Community Service Deferment, Hardship Deferment, and COVID-19 Deferment, if certain qualifications are met. Please review the individual forms for the specific requirements.

To discuss your deferment request, contact MOAA by calling (800) 234-6622, or by e-mailing You may mail, email, or fax the completed deferment form and any corresponding documents to us. Our mailing address is 201 North Washington St., Alexandria, VA 22314. Our fax number is (703) 838-5819. Our email address is

Repayment Start Date 

Initial repayment start dates depend on your graduation date.

  • Spring Semester graduate: Repayment begins in October.
  • Summer Semester graduate: Repayment begins in January.
  • Winter Semester graduate: Repayment begins in April.