MOAA Launches ‘DD-214’ Podcast to Help Servicemembers, Veterans Find Post-Military Success

MOAA Launches ‘DD-214’ Podcast to Help Servicemembers, Veterans Find Post-Military Success
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MOAA has launched DD-214: Discover What’s Next, a five-part podcast designed for servicemembers preparing for the transition into the private sector and for veterans seeking advice as they navigate the early stages of their post-military career field.


The podcast, available at and via traditional podcast platforms (SoundCloud, TuneIn and Spotify, and via iTunes or searchable in your Apple Podcasts app), includes portions of panel discussions with industry-leading veterans conducted during the 2019 Military and Veteran Networking Forum, MOAA’s signature annual transition event. Hundreds of servicemembers, veterans, and military spouses attended the event, along with nearly 100 exhibitors, at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.


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“The podcast is another way MOAA wants to help servicemembers with what can be a stressful transition,” said Alan English, MOAA’s vice president of communications. “It goes alongside our web resources, our Job Board, our personalized advice for Life and Premium members, and the rest of MOAA’s transition toolkit. No two servicemembers have the same needs, but the tips and advice within DD-214 are of use to anybody preparing to take off the uniform for the last time.”


The five episodes tackle a range of topics related to leaving uniform:

  • Defining Success: Unlike your time in uniform, you are in charge of setting expectations for your private-sector career. Our panelists talk about the different forms those expectations can take, and why they should consider a range of issues beyond the bottom line in their career choices.

  • Entrepreneurial passion: How do you find the career you’ve always wanted – one that you can approach with the same zeal you brought to your military service? Our panelists offer their perspectives from a variety of fields.

  • Networking: Our panelists offer advice on finding the right networking events for you and your career path. Learn about making your pitch to an unfamiliar crowd, searching out mentors and experienced members of your industry, and much more.

  • The Right Fit: Our panelists discuss the importance of a company’s culture, how your military background may prepare you to succeed in certain organizations, and how to adapt your skills for private-sector success.

  • Transition: Our panelists offer advice on translating your military skills into private-sector success, and what steps you can take while in uniform to get a head start on your future.


For more advice on taking on a civilian career, including the ins and outs of franchising, check out MOAA’s 2020 Transition Guide.

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