CDR Eldon L. Guhl, USN and Bertha Guhl

CDR Eldon L Guhl, USN (17 November, 1908 – unknown)
Bertha Guhl (25 November, 1908 – 13 April, 2003)

Education was very important to both of them.

Bertha worked her way through college and saved and financed her education herself. She attended Stanford University and majored in Sociology and Humanities.

Eldon completed high school and then went into the National Guard after graduation. When WWII broke out, he enlisted in the Navy and fought in the Pacific Theater after Pearl Harbor.

Bertha met Eldon in New York when his ship sailed in and they were married two years later.

Eldon very much enjoyed his Navy service and retired after 30 years. Once retired, Eldon went back to school and received an Electrical Engineering degree from the University of New Mexico.

The “CDR Eldon L. Guhl, USN Designated Scholarships” were established in his memory by his wife, Bertha.

The “CDR Eldon L. Guhl, USN and Bertha V. Guhl Designated Scholarships” were established from funds from the Bertha Guhl’s estate which were left to the MOAA Scholarship Fund.

Both CDR and Mrs. Guhl considered life-long learning essential and wanted all their scholarship recipients to remember:

“There is so much to learn and there is always new material to learn surrounding you so continue studying throughout your life.”