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What makes MOAA's Financial Planning service different from other financial firms? We aren't a financial services firm. We don't sell financial products nor develop personalized financial plans.


We are financial counselors who have been in the financial business. We know how things work in financial firms. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional we now function as educators and counselors instead of a practicing adviser. You get a financial planner in your hip pocket for the cost of MOAA Premium or Life membership. Learn more about joining MOAA.


It's about you getting the upper hand. We are unbiased. We serve for your benefit. We are here to provide you an “insiders” insight you can't find anywhere else-this service doesn't exist anywhere but MOAA. We are your trusted source information for financial products, services, news, and consumer assistance. 


What's in it for you? We can…


  • Review your situation.
  • Provide thoughts and ideas.
  • Suggest alternative options.
  • Offer a place to share your ideas and get honest feedback
  • Be your source of knowledge on products, investments, portfolio management, planning issues
  • Make you a savvier consumer.


We are your partner on issues concerning the financial decisions and worries you have in your life. Start with us if you don't know where else to turn for answers.


Interested in banking or property insurance products? Check our partners at USAA. Shopping for a financial adviser? Check out our two-part guide.

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