CWO Philip C. Brassine, USN and Mrs. Ethel M. Brassine

CWO Philip C. Brassine, USN
May 22, 1909 - 2001

Mrs. Ethel M. Brassine

Philip Conrad Brassine was born in Buffalo, New York, in 1909. At a young age, his family moved to Columbus, Ohio. In his mid-teens, Philip went "out on his own" and found a job selling newspapers in San Francisco, California. In 1929, he enlisted in the United States Navy. He rose through the ranks to become a chief petty officer. He was aboard a naval support ship in Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. His ship was able to get underway during the attack and get outside the harbor to the safety of the open ocean despite the fact that the ship's engines were not in robust shape. Indeed, Philip Brassine was an engine technician and was working feverishly to keep the engines running during their run out of the harbor under attack. The condition of the engines and the lack of necessary parts slowed the ship's progress out of the harbor and exposed the ship to danger for a longer period than would otherwise have been necessary. The ship was damaged in the attack but not so badly that it could not later be repaired. Philip was decorated for his efforts during that engagement. He retired from the Navy after 20 years in 1949, but was called back on active reserve for some years after that.

At some point Philip's primary Military Occupation Specially became that of an electrician. Throughout his later years, Philip displayed an active interest in things electrical and became quite a computer whiz in his eighties, a remarkable fact for one of his generation.

Ethel Brassine died a few weeks short of her 100th birthday. Her maiden name was Ethel Marie D'Aigle and she was proud of her French ancestry. She spoke French. When she met Philip Brassine in Seattle in the early 1950's, both had been married once. Both were avid amateur photographers and that interest is what brought them together. They were married in1954. She had been a registered nurse. They resided in Seattle for the remainder of their lives. They did not have any children.

The "CWO Philip C. Brassine, USN and Ethel Brassine Designated Scholarships" were established from funds left to the MOAA Scholarship Fund from their estate.