Chapter Zip Code Initiative

Council and Chapter Affairs has launched some new initiatives to help chapter leaders recruit new members. To continue emphasizing the importance of recruiting, leaders can now go directly to their Committee Module (CM) and retrieve monthly reports called Near Real Time (NRT) notification. This report extracts (1) New MOAA members, (2) new recruits who recently moved into the area, and (3) those who opted-in to receive chapter communications.

However, the NRT report cannot produce accurate recruiting reports without your help. That’s why we need — and are counting on — our council and chapter leaders to provide us with a list of accurate ZIP Codes that fall into their chapter’s jurisdiction.

To continue growing the NRT notification reports, and to keep the information as accurate as possible, chapter leaders are encouraged to work with their state council leaders and provide MOAA National with the chapter’s ZIP Code boundaries.

We appreciate your cooperation. If you need assistance with the review and updating of these files, please call Victoria Twyne at (800) 234-6622, ext. 118, and she will be happy to assist you.