6 TRICARE Resources You Might Not Know About

6 TRICARE Resources You Might Not Know About
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TRICARE Open Season continues through Dec. 9, and while MOAA has many, many resources that can help you make informed decisions about your plans, there’s always more material out there.


If you’re in the market for a new plan, or if you’re just looking for more guidance on how to use your existing coverage, consider these links as you go about your Open Season prep. Remember: While MOAA can’t tell you which plan is right for you, our benefits counselors can assist Premium and Life members with all manner of financial questions, including understanding your coverage options. Email MOAA for more details.


1. TRICARE FAQ. TRICARE officials held an online “SITREP” on Oct. 31 about the Open Season process. The result: Answers to 29 relevant questions, some of which may apply to your particular coverage. Click here for the list.


2. By the numbers. Get a full breakdown of 2020 TRICARE costs and fees with this PDF download.


3. Phone magic. It’s called the Call Us Wizard, but there’s no sorcery involved – input some basic information about your need and your plan, and you’ll get the phone number to call with questions. Often, this will be a TRICARE contractor. This path can save beneficiaries time when compared with sending a question via the TRICARE website, with response times up to 30 days in some cases.


4. Ditch the wizard. A similar system allows TRICARE users to find a doctor, but not all beneficiaries may want to click through the steps, or you may want to search for multiple provider types. This grid of doctor directories could be the best answer.


5. Form frenzy. TRICARE’s list of forms is fairly extensive (Did you want to arrange a TRICARE briefing for your demobilization gathering? There’s a form for that), but beneficiaries may find more value in the region-specific forms offered by contractors Humana Military (East), Health Net Federal Services (West), and International SOS (Overseas).


6. Full coverage. MOAA’s content partners at Military.com maintain a full-service TRICARE resource page, which offers explanations of each program and links for further details and enrollment options.

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