What’s the Best State for Military Retirees?

What’s the Best State for Military Retirees?
Mount Vernon, home of a military officer of note in his retirement. One website says other military retirees should follow his lead. (Photo by JacobH/Getty Images)

Ranking retirement destinations is a very inexact science. Regardless of prior careers, retirees seeking their next adventure all have different priorities – saving money, visiting family, enjoying good weather or a game of golf … the list goes on.

But recently, the financial-advice website WalletHub crunched its numbers to come up with a ranking of all 50 states, and the District of Columbia, when it comes to military retirement options. Their formula, which weighs environmental, health care, and “quality-of-life” factors, came up with Virginia in the top spot, followed by Florida.

You can learn more about their findings and methods here. Want to do some more research? Check out Live & Play 2019, a 16-state guide from the pages of Military Officer magazine. It features travel tips of interest for servicemembers and their families, as well as sponsored information from several retirement communities.

(Yes, Virginia and Florida are among the 16 states profiled. D.C., which ranks last on WalletHub’s list, didn’t make the cut.)

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