A Digital Dozen: The 12 Most-Read Articles on MOAA.org From 2020

A Digital Dozen: The 12 Most-Read Articles on MOAA.org From 2020
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Visitors to MOAA.org can expect up-to-date details on military affairs, the latest in MOAA’s advocacy efforts, and news on what changes to federal and state laws, DoD policies, or VA programs could mean to your health care, your earned benefits … and your wallet.


So it’s not surprising the 12 most-read articles at MOAA.org from 2020 deal with all of the above. Here’s a list of what MOAA members (and other visitors) have been most interested in reading. And as with any good list, there are a few points to keep in mind:

  • The list reflects pageviews for news articles written in 2020, so some older pieces with significant traffic – such as MOAA’s 2020 Legislative Mission, which was published in December 2019 – don’t qualify.
  • The list includes news article pages only, so common destinations like MOAA’s COLA Watch page or events calendar don’t qualify.
  • Some of the pieces may include materials about advocacy efforts that have concluded. Visit MOAA’s Legislative Action Center for the latest ways you can help, or check out the latest advocacy news at this link.


The most-viewed of 2020, in countdown fashion:


12. Election 2020: Presidential Candidates Answer MOAA's Questions. MOAA asked the two major-party candidates, as well as Libertarian Jo Jorgensen, to address issues of key importance to servicemembers, veterans, and the wider uniformed services communities. Their answers appeared in Military Officer magazine and were quoted in a variety of news reports.


11/10. Arlington Cemetery Eligibility Changes: Two Ways to Make Your Voice Heard and Arlington Eligibility Changes: Here’s How You Can Have Your SayThese two pieces came about a month apart – one slightly before the public comment period ended on the proposed changes, and another encouraging MOAA members to submit their comments both to the Federal Register and to their lawmakers. Nearly 2,000 people submitted comments before the deadline, and MOAA continues its work alongside partners at The Military Coalition – a group of military and veterans service organizations representing a combined 5.5 million-plus membership – to fight for the grandfathering in of retirees under the old provisions, among other priorities.


9. Medicare Part B Rates Will Rise in 2021. Here Are the New Figures. MOAA provided its members with a full breakdown of this complicated, income-based rate scale. Changes go into effect in 2021.


8. What You Need to Know About the Proposed VA Budget. The White House’s FY 2021 VA budget topped $243 billion. MOAA offered a breakdown of the funds, which included increases for telemedicine, women’s programs, and other MOAA priorities.


7. 35,000 Military Retirees Will Soon See a TRICARE Refund. A change in TRICARE Prime calculation methods resulted in money back for some beneficiaries.

6. Tax Update: The Latest From 5 States on Work to Exempt Military Pensions. This update was part of yearlong efforts by MOAA to inform members of legislation at the state level that could change their tax bills. Visit MOAA’s Military State Report Card and Tax Guide for a full 50-state breakdown.

5. Report: Dozens of Military Medical Facilities Will Stop Treating Families, Retirees and 3. These Military Medical Facilities Will Stop Seeing Retirees and Military Family Members. These articles came out in February as news broke on changes that jeopardized the care of nearly 200,000 military retirees and active duty family members. MOAA has fought to halt these reforms as DoD considers the affect of the COVID-19 pandemic on military and private-sector care, and as it became clear these changes were based on an incomplete analysis of faulty information. Language securing this halt is part of the FY 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

4. TRICARE’s Uncertain Future: How MOAA Is Working to Protect Your Benefit. Sandwiched between the medical-facility news came this look at the next generation of TRICARE contracts, known as T-5, which would begin in 2023. MOAA already has long-term goals in place for these contracts; expect more news on these efforts as the talks progress.

2. TRICARE Expands List of Drugs It Won't Cover. This January 2020 update looked at “Tier 4/non-covered” drugs, and at changes to TRICARE policy that affected thousands of beneficiaries.

1. Here’s Your 2021 Military Retiree and VA Disability Pay Raise. This October 2020 update offered a look at changes to a variety of benefits programs in 2021.


What would you like to see at MOAA.org in the new year? Email your topics of interest to editor@MOAA.org with “2021 Articles” in the subject line – we value your feedback as we select materials for MOAA.org, The MOAA Newsletter, and Military Officer magazine.


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