Attention, Shoppers: Help MOAA Build a Better Commissary Benefit

Attention, Shoppers: Help MOAA Build a Better Commissary Benefit
An overhead view of the commissary at Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Fla. (Defense Commissary Agency photo)

By MOAA Staff


Protecting your earned commissary benefit has been a MOAA priority for decades. One of many examples: The Retired Officers Association Bulletin from the fourth quarter of 1949 took aim at proposed cuts to the benefit at the behest of private merchants, going so far as to ask these business-owners if they “might show a more generous attitude toward those who would again, if necessary, be expected to safeguard their personal interests.”


In recent years, MOAA has fought to ensure any plans to merge the commissary and exchange systems keep the shopping benefit strong, prioritize beneficiaries over savings, and address issues with the initial business case analysis.


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Many of these advocacy efforts, both recently and over past decades, involve budgetary and bureaucratic concerns. But just as important to the benefit are plans by the Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) to modernize its operations – from curbside pickups to expanded store-brand items and other changes you’ll see on your regular grocery run.


And that’s where MOAA needs your help.


As we work to provide DeCA officials with feedback on these efforts, we need to hear from you – on-the-ground intel regarding what’s changing at your store, what challenges remain, and what issues you see as critical to maintaining and improving your shopping benefit.


Not a regular shopper? We want to hear from you, too – what turned you off to your local store? Are there ways the commissary could get your business back? What are your local private-sector groceries doing that you wish you’d see on base?


Share your experiences, good and bad, by sending an email to with the word “commissary” in the subject line. Your feedback helps MOAA advocate for a better, more modern shopping benefit for all eligible patrons.


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