Soundtrack Stories: Tell MOAA About Your Wedding Songs

Soundtrack Stories: Tell MOAA About Your Wedding Songs
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By MOAA Staff

Maybe the special notes came from a live band. Maybe a professional DJ brought out his stack of records, or cassettes, or CDs, and crafted a night of music to remember.

Or maybe you hooked your iPod or cellphone up to the sound system, clicked “Wedding Playlist,” and went on about the evening.

Regardless of how you filled your special day with music, MOAA wants to hear the story behind your selection. Did you pick a classic? Did you choose a one-hit wonder that hasn’t held up? Did you follow a family tradition, or take some advice from a fellow officer or military spouse? Did the assembled guests nod or applaud in appreciation, or were they scoping out the exits … or the bar?

Send us your recollections of the soundtrack to your special day via email at You could be part of an upcoming article.

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