Surviving Spouse Corner: 9 Ways to Get Through Hard Times

Surviving Spouse Corner: 9 Ways to Get Through Hard Times
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From celebrating joyous occasions like Mother’s Day and graduations and welcoming warmer weather and spring flowers to enduring the sometimes melancholy days of spring showers and the remembrances of the fallen at Memorial Day, the month of May can sometimes feel like an emotional roller coaster.


It might help to have some strategies for handling lows. Consider these tips:

  1. Seek out the friendship and companionship of others. Do something you enjoy with a friend or family member.

  2. Take a walk, and enjoy being outside on a nice day.

  3. Give your time to a worthy cause. Support those less fortunate, or visit someone who is lonely.

  4. Learn something new. Try a new craft or hobby.

  5. Listen to music. Maybe try a genre or artist you have not listened to before.

  6. Label and organize your photos. Relive the happy memories by documenting the stories behind your photos.

  7. Write a letter. A handwritten note or card is always welcomed.

  8. Attend a patriotic event. Watch a Memorial Day parade, or help place flags at a local cemetery.

  9. Make new friends by participating in your local MOAA chapter or the Surviving Spouse Virtual Chapter.


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Lt. Col. Suzanne Walker, USA (Ret)
Lt. Col. Suzanne Walker, USA (Ret)

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