List of Acronyms

A&A - Aid and Attendance
BDD - Benefits Delivery at Discharge
C&P - Compensation and Pension Exam
CBOC - Community-Based Outpatient Clinic
CHAMPVA - Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Department of Veterans Affairs
CHCBP - Continuing Health Care Benefits Program
COAD/COAR - Continuation on Active Duty/ Reserve
CRDP - Concurrent Retirement Disability Pay
CRSC - Combat-Related Special Compensation
DBQ - Disability-Based Questionaire
DEA - Dependents Educational Assistance
DEERS - Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System
DFAS - Defense Finance and Accounting Service
DoD - Department of Defense
FMGLI - Family Members' Group Life Insurance
FMLA - Family and Medical Leave Act
HAP - Homeowners Assistance Program
HISA - Home Improvements and Structural Adaptations
IDES - Integrated Disability Evaluation System
ILP - Independent Living Program
IMR - Independent Medical Review
ITO - Invitational Travel Orders
IU - Individual Unemployability
JAG - Judge Advocate General
LOD - Line of Duty
MEB - Medical Evaluation Board
MTF - Medical Treatment Facility
NARSUM - Narrative Summary
NDAA - National Defense Authorization Act
OEF/OIF/OND - Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation New Dawn
PCP/PCM - Primary Care Physician, Primary Care Manager
PDRL - Permanent Disability Retirement List
PEB - Physical Evaluation Board
PEBLO - Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer
POA - Power of Attorney
PTSD - Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
RAS - Retiree Account Statement
RCC - Recovery Care Coordinator
SAH - Specially Adapted Housing
SBP - Survivor Benefit Plan
SC - Service-Connected
SCAADL - Special Compensation for Assistance and Activities of Daily Living
SCRA - Servicemembers' Civil Relief Act
S-DVI - Service-Disabled Veterans Insurance
SGLI - Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance
SHA - Special Housing Adaption
SMC - Special Monthly Compensation
SSA - Social Security Administration
SSDI - Social Security Disability Insurance
SSI - Supplemental Security Income
TAA - Transitional Assistance Advisor
TAMP - Transitional Assistance Management Program
TBI - Traumatic Brain Injury
TDRL - Temporary Disability Retirement List
TRA - Temporary Residence Adaptation
TRDP - TRICARE Retiree Dental Program
TSGLI - Traumatic Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance
USFHP - U.S. Family Health Plan
VA - Department of Veterans Affairs
VAMC - Veterans Affairs Medical Center
VASRD - Veterans Affairs Schedule of Rating Disabilities
VBA - Veterans Benefits Administration
VHA - Veterans Health Administration
VMLI - Veterans Mortgage Life Insurance
VRE - Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment
VSO - Veterans Service Officer
VTS - Veterans Transportation Service

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