This section addresses two similar concepts that may, in some instances, be interrelated: guardianship and the VA Fiduciary Program.

Powers of Attorney

Learn about the different kinds of powers of attorney, how each works, and the requirements for each.


A summary of the basics related to wills and trusts, and how these can come into play for wounded, ill, or injured veterans.

Credit, Bankruptcy, and Taxes

Laws and how it applies to certain financial situations. Information financial difficutlies, debt collectors, student loans, tax issues, and filing for bankruptcy.

Veterans Justice Outreach Initiative

Created by the VA, it links eligible veterans involved with the local justice systems to the needed mental-health and substance-abuse treatment services and other VA services and benefits as required.

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act

A review of the SCRA, including when it applies, what rights it provides, and how it might come into play in certain circumstances.

Lawyers for Heroes

Next step pro bono legal resources for veterans and their families.

Legal Pro Bono

A listing of legal resources

Legal Documents Checklist

Make sure you're familiar with all the legal documents relevant to you and your servicemember.

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