Prepping Yourself: Tools and Resumes

Producing a cover letter and resume is the first step in prepping yourself to enter or re-enter the workforce. Having the ability to describe your prior work experience and/or the skills you learned from caregiving on your resume is important and may help you secure an interview and a future career. There’s an abundance of free resources that are available to help you explain your transferable skills on your documents, and move you forward in the process to find gainful employment. Whether you want to join the public sector, the private sector, or start your own adventure, there are a variety of programs available to help you and we have just a few listed here:

  • We here at MOAA are proud to offer assistance with transition including items such as resumes, career events, or employment. If you or your spouse is a current or former military officer and would like assistance with any of these items, please visit our career website.

  • The Elizabeth Dole Foundation is the foremost organization that supports our nation’s military caregivers. Here, and also located on the Hidden Heroes website is a superb list of organizations that assist with free resume/cover letter writing assistance.

  • FASTPORT is a veteran employment software company on a mission to assist all members of our nation’s military community to find career opportunities with military-friendly employers. They work with and connect any and all veterans, transitioning servicemembers’, members of the Guard and Reserve, spouses, and caregivers who are in need of employment across the country. FASTPORT’s Career Spark program is dedicated to the spouses and the caregivers.

  • Hire Heroes USA offers free career services to transitioning military members, veterans and military spouses. Those services include: resume assistance, career counseling, mock interviews, job matching, virtual career fairs and a job board that averages thousands of jobs each month from employers seeking veteran talent.

  • Veterans Career Transition Program is a free career training program that provides professional certifications and job placement to support transitioning service members, veterans, military spouses of active-duty and post 9-11 veterans.

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