Legal Documents Checklist

This is a suggested list of documents for caregivers and the veterans for whom they care.  Necessary documents will vary by situation.  Review documents any time there is a change in circumstance or at least annually to adjust for changing circumstances, state/federal law changes, etc.

Documents to be drafted
General Power of Attorney
Durable Power of Attorney
Durable Medical Power of Attorney
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act authorization
Living will and/or do-not-resuscitate order (Advanced Medical Directive)
Will and/or trust
Guardianship papers (if applicable to the situation)

Documents to be kept in a safe place
Certified copy of the military medical records
DD Form 214/DD Form 215
Medical Evaluation Board/Physical Evaluation Board or Integrated Disability Evaluation System ratings
VA disability ratings or pension letter
Social Security disability award letter
Declaration of a VA fiduciary
Declaration of Social Security representative payee status
Mortgage/property deeds/rental agreements
Insurance policy papers (auto, home, health care, life)
Vehicle titles/loan papers
Birth certificates
Marriage certificates/divorce decrees
Custodial agreements
Combat-Related Special Compensation award letter
Other documents as needed

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