MOAA's 2020 Transition Guide



No matter your post-military plans, MOAA's 2020 Transition Guide can help you focus on your future. See our guidance below, and visit MOAA's Transition and Career center for more resources. You can also dowload the guide as a PDF here.



Set Your Sights on Franchising 

Veterans make up about 7% of the population, but they account for 14% of all franchisees in the U.S. Learn more about this potential career path.




GI-Bill-payments-hero.jpgCareer Tips From Fellow Veterans

This transition journey can have numerous ups and downs. The good news is many people who already have walked this path are willing to share what they experienced.




GI-Bill-payments-hero.jpgGetting Your Franchise or Start-Up Off the Ground

Advice from experts on selecting your next venture ... and making a strong start.






A Clear Path Forward With MOAA

MOAA can help turn your vision into reality through career transition assistance.







Sponsored Interview: California Correctional Health Care Services  

Learn how this career path allows veterans to continue service to others.






gi_bill.jpgSponsored Interview: Cruise Planners 

Learn how the travel industry could be a great fit for transitioning veterans.







gi_bill.jpgSponsored Interview: Discovery Map  

Learn how this home-based franchise can be a perfect fit for veterans.








gi_bill.jpgSponsored Interview: Postal Connections 

Learn how veterans can save big when entering the shipping franchise field.







gi_bill.jpgSponsored Interview: University of Chicago Master of Science in Threat and Response Management  

Learn how this program can benefit your career plans.